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In recent times, we piloted some specific projects to promote the new culture that is now collected by the W Manifesto.
Here you can find detailed info about them and how to participate.
What we are doing to be like Water.

Active projects

Managed with Scrum or Kanban frameworks.


People engaged

In the last 6 weeks.


Colleagues involved

Since Agile was introduced at DAB

Other Projects:

The W Manifesto is just a part of the projects that DAB has initiated to resemble more and more the company it wants to be. Among many, here are a few:


Recall, redesign people privacy​


Master data management


Product interaction experience​, renewed product interface


Pilot for an Intranet platform

Solar Panel

Mestrino, Bientina and Hungary Roof installation, and Bientina field realization​.

Water recycling

DAB Hungary​

Leadership​ Manifesto

Roll out of the new Leadership model​

Active aging workforce​

Population and knowledge​


Safe Manufacturing Training Route​


DAB loyalty program​

Digital Days

Virtual exhibitions product launch​

Mind the gap​

Servitisation of the pumps

DAB Arena​

Renewed experience for visiting customers


New Talentia HR platform implementation​

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W like water

Water can take on different forms based on its surroundings. In leadership, being adaptable means being able to adjust your style and strategies.
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W like We

There’s no DAB without DAB people. And the W manifesto is not a top-down apparatus. It’s about those who read it but also those who worked to it.
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W like the Double You

A valued member within our organization and a driving force behind its evolution.

Any idea for a new project?

We are constantly listening to evaluate new projects that can make life at DAB simpler, more satisfying, and productive.

If you have an idea, share it with us; it could become operational.

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