W Manifesto

The set of principles that inspire our approach.

We, as people working at DAB, have a mission: to move water.
To succeed, we need to embrace leadership at any level: within ourselves, our teams, our leaders, and the entire company.
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We're on a journey towards a new sense of leadership

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W like water

Water can take on different forms based on its surroundings. In leadership, being adaptable means being able to adjust your style and strategies.
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W like We

There’s no DAB without DAB people. The W manifesto is not a top-down aproach. It’s about those who read it but also those who worked to it.
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W like the Double You

A valued member within our organization and a driving force behind its evolution.

Already 143 DAB employers played an active role on W Manifesto.

Discover what you can do to be an Enthusiast.
No matter your department, if you work on DAB, the W Manifesto is about you.

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We strive
to lead
like water.