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Check In

Our unique way to welcome new colleagues and make them feel part of the team!

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Provides clarity and uniformity for a proper induction and training plan to help new colleagues to be ready for their role.

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Adds another brick in Talentia towards a total digitalization of HR processes to sustain/ease employees' experience.

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More than an HR Process: it's teamwork. Many people from different areas cooperate to make new collaborators feel as an integral part of our organization since day 1.


Check In has been kickstarted to provide an exceptional onboarding experience for new entrants at DAB, with an emphasis on a seamless and global process that embodies the company's culture.

They say well begun is half done.
We strongly believe that first impression is key.

Why Check In

Goal #1

Set common structure and fundamentals across all our branches, while adapting the framework to each site in order to address local needs and habits.

Goal #3

Deliver a 360-degree experience for new teammates made up of guidance and check-in, training on our main tools and processes, and an immersion in the way to intend professional life in DAB: our mix of vision, values, and positive behaviors to strive for.

Goal #2

Consolidate already existing good practices to onboarding new colleagues, while collecting and listening to internal feedbacks to improve and enrich the overall process.

Goal #4

#caringforthepeople: even before new colleagues start, "Check In" prepares them and the rest of the organization for their first day onwards.

Goal #5

Let people in DAB be aware of new entrants and create points of mutual connection for a better engagement and understanding of our organization and teams.